Our wonderful volunteers make a large scale event like Run2Cure possible. Would you like to join in?

We need over 120 volunteers to assist us on the day so if you don't want to run but would still like to help, please complete the form below. Individuals or corporate teams are very welcome. If you are under 18 you need to also register an adult and advise us by email please.

If you have any queries email us at info@run2cure.org.au.

Types of Volunteer Roles

Run2 Cure 2019 Kent 20

Venue – Information & Registration – Crew

Volunteers at the Information & Registration tent are required to distribute participant bibs, process event day registrations & provide information about the event to participants. There will be FAQ booklets & Maps located at the Registration & Information Tent to assist in answering participant enquiries. Merchandise will also be available for purchase in the Registration & Information tent. Should you require assistance, please approach your Team Leader or Registration & Information Manager.

Venue – Bag Drop/Pick Up – Crew

As the Bag Drop/Pick Up Crew you will collect the athlete’s baggage and sort it in the baggage area. You will need to make sure baggage is placed in colour & numerical order. This is to ensure the collection process at the end of the race is as efficient as possible. Participants will line up to collect their baggage post-race.

Venue – Drink Station – Crew

As a Drink Station Crew member you are responsible for assisting with the set-up, pack-up and operation of Drink Stations within the venues. Volunteer crews will hand out cups of water to participants. Should you require assistance, you are asked to approach your Drink Station Team Leader.

Venue – Start / Finish Chute Marshall – Crew

Start / Finish Chute Crews are to position themselves throughout the start marshaling area. You will ensure participants self-seed correctly within the start chute (Prams and walkers to the back of the start chute and fast runners at the front). You will ensure participants do not stop within the chute once they have crossed the finish line and ensure that the finish line is clear at all times by directing participants toward the Drink Station & event site. You will also provide directional assistance and encouragement to participants within the Finish Chute and help with general public pedestrian control in the area. If you require any assistance please approach your Team Leader or Start / Finish Chute Manager.

Fun Day Assistant

Fun Day Assistants are located at the event venue (The Domain). You will be required to assist with set-up & pack-up of the Family Fun Day activities and provide information to participants about the activities. Other tasks you may be required to assist with are site clean-up and general customer service for the venue.


Course Marshall – Crews

As a Course Marshall (CM) you are to follow instruction from your Team Leader or Course Supervisor. The Course Marshall job varies depending on your location & environment. You will set up, operate & maintain the area. You will also provide directional assistance and encouragement to participants and you will need to ensure the immediate area surrounding you is clean and free of obstacles.

Drink Station (DS) – Crew

As the DS Crew you set-up, operate and clean up the DS. You will provide cups of water to all runners as they pass. You will be supported by the DS Manager and DS Team Leader. Crew are to pack away & clean up their area before heading to the event site to assist with the 1km Little Heros Run/Walk.

Thank you so much for your help and support.

For further information about Run2Cure volunteering opportunities please contact the Volunteer Manager on info@run2cure.org.au